Puhoi Church

Historic Puhoi Church, NZ

Restoration & Maintenance Fundraising

Puhoi Remembers - the new revised edition

- Written by J.R.Williams - fully revised 2012

THE SETTLEMENT OF PUHOI - An Historical Introduction....
Building a Church; The Church of SS. Peter and Paul, Puhoi; From Church Committee to Parish Council; Mass, Ceremonies and Missions; Priests and their Peccadilloes; Presbyteries and Housekeepers; Father Frank Skinner, B.E.M; Piety and the Preservation of the Faith; The Public School; Founding of the Convent School; The Sisters Remember; The School Children Speak of their Teachers; The Mischief They Got Up To; Starting and Finishing School; On the Road; Population Rise and Fall; Weddings As They Once Were Celebrated; Death and Burial; Family Life and Traditions; Caring for Each Other; Music, Folk Songs and Dances; Speaking the Dialect; The Kotiti; Major Events in Puhoi History - a time line;


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