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Wheelchair Available ...

The Caring Group has provided a Wheelchair for the use of for any parishioner who may require it. Enquiries to Moira 425 0232.

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Parish Newsletter     †     21 April 2019

In this sacred Holy Week

May God bless us with the courage of the prophets,
with the grace of uncertainty,
with the love of discipleship and the sureness of the resurrection.
Easter Blessings.


Today, this Easter morning Jesus is risen and is alive in a way that is more powerful than ever before! Having travelled with Jesus through Lent and stood by him as he endured his passion, we now stand at the empty tomb and share in the power, glory, joy and new life of his resurrection.

Our ways are not God’s ways and God’s thoughts are not our thoughts! Where we saw failure and evil triumph, God saw the faithfulness of Jesus and the values of the Kingdom reign supreme. Through the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus, God has shown and offered us a new way of living and confronting evil. We don’t have to respond to violence with more violence; we don’t have to answer hatred with more anger; there is another way: The Way of the Cross that leads to Resurrection. This is the way of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God.

When we look at the television or read the newspapers, we can be forgiven for thinking that it is all bad news. But we can change this; that’s what the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus shows and teaches us; there is another way. In a world where there is darkness caused by violence and anger, we are called to be people of Light. Where there is often hopelessness and despair, we are challenged to be people of hope and faith. Where there is hatred and discrimination we are asked to be people of love and compassion.

We are an Easter People and Alleluia is our song!

- - -


Puhoi Community Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday

11am at 9 Slow Water Lane, Puhoi.


An international 40 Days for Life campaign has recently been completed. Through prayer, fasting,public outreach and peaceful witness outside abortion clinics, participants sought to change the hearts and minds of the community and offer hope and help to those seeking an abortion. With one week to go, 40 Days for Life reported 374 babies saved from abortion.
40 Days for Life also reported that more volunteers were joining in this year due to the influence of the movie “Unplanned”, a pro-life movie that is having an impact on the pro-life landscape in America.

For more information visit Voice for Life website

Safeguarding Training

For all those who work with children, youth and vulnerable persons as volunteers within our Parish community.
Venue: Takapuna Parish Hall
Date/time: Thursday May 16 at 7.30 pm

Divine Mercy Sunday 28th April

7:00pm St John Vianney Parish, 317 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough.
There will be Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Blessing of Images, Praise & Worship, Benediction, Holy Mass followed by Veneration of St Faustina’s relic.

Carmel College

Pre-enrolment Evening for the 2020 Year 7 to Year 9 students on Thursday, 9 May 4:30 – 6:30 pm


Fatal legislation for Pre-borns due Parliament soon. To oppose this please email your name and area/region to:

104 The Drive, Epsom. 09 638-6238

  1. New Zealand SIGN LANGUAGE: With Sign language – we are equal and accessible with RACHEL MARR & ERIC MATTHEWS. Wed 1 May, 10.30am-12.30pm. $15

  2. Christian MEDITATION 101: Introduction to Christian Meditation with CATHRYN WILES-PICKARD rsm. Sat 18 May, 9.30am-3.30pm. $35.

  3. Weekend WORKSHOP: Slavery in the New Testament and Displacement of Peoples Today with KATHLEEN RUSHTON rsm. Fri 24 May, 7-9pm & Sat 25 May, 9.30am-3.30pm. $60 incl. lunch, $100 also incl. accommodation Friday night..

Contact us if you would like a booklet for full information or if you wish to book: or

2019 Sacramental Program

Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation Enrolment Forms are available in the foyers of both churches, or email Bernadette the parish office.
  • Registrations close on the 28th of April.
  • Sacraments will be celebrated on the 29th September.

Good Friday Collection for Holy Places

Every year on Good Friday, a collection is taken up in Catholic Churches to support the work of the Franciscans working in the Holy Land. Christians there rely heavily on the help that comes to them during this special day in the Church and our life of faith.
The Franciscans Custody care for the Christians living in the Holy Land in order to maintain a Christian presence in a land that is filled with a majority Islamic and Jewish population.
  • Franciscans staff and maintain the Holy places and shrines.
  • In order to assist Christians to remain in the Holy Land, the Custody builds thousands of residential and senior care facilities and provides medical assistance for the needy.
  • The Franciscans operate and support schools open to all, regardless of religion or nationality.
  • Franciscan archaeologists pursue ongoing research at the Holy Places discovering historical artifacts.
  • The Franciscans provide pastoral care in 29 parishes in the Holy Land offering Worship, Christian Formation, youth and family programs.

New Zealand Catholic Medical Association Inaugural Meeting

Saturday: 25 May 2019, 10am -3pm St Michael’s School Hall, 6 Beatrice Rd, Remuera
Blessing and Holy Mass from Bishop Patrick Dunn and provide an opportunity for doctors and others involved in healthcare to find pastoral care, support, encouragement and faith development.
We wish to extend an invitation to doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapist, counsellors, social workers, chaplains, pharmacists, dentists, health administrators, lawyers and anyone who works in allied roles.
Registration is required for catering purposes by 20 May 2019. Cost $25 per person. 

Please do not be alarmed....

If you see armed members of the NZ Police at some of our Easter Masses.
It is a precautionary measure in light of the mosque attack’s in Christchurch.

Planned Giving Tax Receipts ...

Planned Giving Tax Receipts and Gifting Envelopes are available at the back of the churches.

Parish Office

Bernadette will be away next week.
Back late Friday 26th to compile a newsletter, so if you have any news items please email them to the office!

Warkworth Age Friendly Community Survey

Electronic link: Hard copies of the survey are available at the Warkworth library.

Disability Access

Disability parking/access to Warkworth church is available on/from Alnwick Street.


Headlines from the latest issue of NZ Catholic:

  • New NZ Medical Association to meet
  • Cardinal suggests stopping calling priests ‘Father’.
  • Integrated schools have say on reform report.
  • NZ reactions to Pope’s youth exhortation.
NZ Catholic - $4 per issue.


75 floors!
Bill, Jim, and Scott were at a convention together and were sharing a large suite on the top of a 75-story sky scraper.

After a long day of meetings, they were shocked to hear that the elevators in their hotel were broken, and they would have to climb 75 flights of stairs to get to their room.

Bill said to Jim and Scott, "Let's break the monotony by concentrating on something interesting. I'll tell jokes for 25 flights, and Jim can sing songs for 25 flights, Scott can tell sad stories the rest of the way."

At the 26th floor, Bill stopped telling jokes and Jim began to sing.

At the 51st floor Jim stopped singing and Scott began to tell sad stories. "I will tell my saddest story first," he said. "I left the room key in the car."
What a country!

A long time ago, a father, visiting America from Europe for the very first time, went up and down the aisles with his son-in-law at the local store.

He constantly asked questions about products he saw: "Vas diss? Powdered orange juice?"

"Yeh, Dad. You just add a little water, and you have fresh 'orange juice.'"

A few minutes later, in a different aisle: "Und vas dis? Powdered milk?"

"Yeh, Dad. You just add a little water, and you have fresh milk!"

A few minutes later, in a different aisle: "Und give a look here! Baby Powder! Vat a country, vat a country!"

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Parish Priest: Fr Ralph Barcelo 425 8545
Parish Pastoral Council Chairperson: Bernadette Straka
Parish Pastoral Council Secretary: Lyn Williams
Parish Finance Committee Chairperson: Bob Dye
Caring Group: - 425 8545 Office
Puhoi Church Bookings: Bernadette Straka 09 426 7374 or 422 0716 or WW Office 425 8545
Justice and Peace: Judith Williams 422 0181
Sacramental Programme: Bernadette Straka 09 426 7374 or 422 0716
Rosters: Warkworth: Parish Office 425 8545 or 425 5476, Puhoi: Maureen Fairclough.
Newsletter (Bulletin): Parish Office & Fr. Sean O'Connor 425 8545
Warkworth Maintenance: Bob Dye 425 0089
Puhoi Church Maintenance: Simon Straka 0274914011 or 09 422 0716 Liturgical Ministries: Fr. Sean O'Connor 425 8545
Warkworth Parish Hall Bookings: Parish Office 425 8545


If you are new to the parish, welcome!
An information booklet about the parish life is available in the foyer.
Please complete the form enclosed and hand it in or post it to the parish office or
complete it online here: “New Parishioner Form”

- - -

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