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Parish Newsletter     †     5th July 2020


Our lectionary readings for this Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time alert us to the kind of kingly reign that fills our lives with blessed insight and empowers us with courage to journey onwards with trust in Christ’s tender and personal love for us.

Sharing the Word of God today


First Reading (Zechariah 9:9-10). The prophet announces the joyful news that the messianic king is coming. He portrays him, not as a proud warrior, but as a humble and gentle leader, who will put an end to war and establish peace – the messianic peace of Isaiah 11:1-9.
It was as such a Messiah that Jesus entered Jerusalem before his passion (Matthew 21:5). His action was not a sudden inspiration but something wholly in character with his previous ministry. The humble and gentle Jesus (Gospel) came to usher in a peace the world cannot give (John 14:27).

Second Reading (Romans 8:9,11-13). Here Saint Paul contrasts life ‘in the spirit’ with life ‘in the flesh’. ‘Flesh’ means human beings in their frailty and transience. ‘Spirit’ means the power that comes from God through Jesus Christ. If we choose to obey the Spirit rather than the flesh, we are choosing life over death.

Gospel (Matthew 11:25-30). The first section contains part of a prayer of Jesus in which he praises God for hiding the mysteries of the kingdom from the learned and the clever (that is, proud religious experts such as the scribes and the Pharisees) and revealing them to the childlike (that is, his disciples).
The prayer reminds us of the discourses and prayers of John’s Gospel. It’s a celebration of the unique relationship of Jesus with the Father, a relationship that he (the Son) makes possible for those who believe in him.
The second section consists of a two-fold invitation that is matched by a two-fold promise. The Jewish rabbis spoke of the ‘yoke of the Law’, a yoke that had become an intolerable burden because of the traditions added to it. The yoke of Jesus is easy: it is a demand for love of God and neighbour. The humble and gentle Jesus (echo of the First Reading) lightens the burdens of the poor, and brings peace to the humble.


The Lord says to us, ‘Come to me, all you who are weary
and carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’
Let us not be afraid then to come to the Lord.
Let us sit in his presence as in the shade of a tree.
Let us refresh ourselves here as at a running stream.
Here we will find rest. Here we will find peace.
And our yoke will become easy, and our burden light.

Fr Brian

- - -

Celebrations, Workshops & Events within the Diocese

Next week is Sea Sunday....

When the Church prays for all those who live and work at sea. Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea), is the official maritime welfare agency of the Catholic Church. It provides practical and spiritual support to seafarers visiting our ports. As it is dependent on voluntary donations, please give generously.
Donation details: Sea Sunday INTERNET BANKING DONATION to:
01-0297-0024651-00 (AoSNZ Auckland) In the ‘Payees/Particulars’ box please write: your initials(optional) /Donation AoS. Email name and address for tax-rebate receipt to:; quote your initials and date of donation.
For more information about its work and volunteering, visit

Draw closer to Jesus and be empowered by the Holy Spirit

Everyone is welcome to attend an 8 week Life in the Spirit Seminar at Sacred Heart Parish, 16 Vermont St, Ponsonby. 8 Tuesdays starting 7 July 2020, 7.30pm. (Cuppa from 7pm).
Register with Ally 376-4303 or

The 2020 Ecumenical Talk Series Promoting Christian Unity

On Thursday 9th July 2020 by Rev Dr Kevin Waldie.
Topic: Paul, A Model for Dialogue and Bold Profession of Faith.
Time/Place: St Columba Centre, Vermont Street, 7:00 PM.


Come and explore a vocation with the Sisters of Mercy. Saturday 18th July 2020 9.30am to 1.30pm Te Waipuna Puawai 12a Umere Cres, Ellerslie RSVP and for more information contact: -
Sr Fatima Ph 021 084 29440 Sr Linda Ph 021 263 0439

Role and Function of the Pastoral Council

Unpacking what it means to be a pastoral community of collaboration, sharing responsibility for building vital communities of missionary disciples. Any parishioner who may be interested to be considered for nomination to the PPC are asked that they attend this course.
Saturday 25 July, 10am to 12.30pm at Pompallier Catholic Centre, 30 New Street, Ponsonby. Registration by: 20 July. Cost: Free. Email:

Coast to Coast Rosary for Life and Faith

15th August at 3 pm.
For more information, please phone Clare 022 1912 886 or go to

Residential Silent Individually Guided Retreat 2020

In the dynamic of the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola ‘Come and See’ 6 day: October 25 (10am)– 30 (4pm) St Francis Retreat Centre, 50 Hillsborough Road, Auckland.
Cost $770 apply to

- - -

Celebrations, News & Events within the Parish

20 Reasons to vote NO to Cannabis in 2020

Cannabis will be more than just smoking a joint. In addition to smoking a joint (at the same time as we aim to go ‘SmokeFree 2025’), a myriad of cannabis products (e.g., edibles, concentrates, infusions, tinctures, lotions and butters) will eventually be available and heavily marketed.
These products can be smoked, eaten, vaped or used topically. Many of these products are easily transportable and readily concealed or disguised and appealing to children.
See poster for more details.

Important Note: “The Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, effective from 1 April 2020, aims to increase access to medicinal cannabis products. Medicinal cannabis is not included in the proposed law that will be voted on in the referendum”
- NZ Government referendums website

Parish Caring Fund – Family Support

Please contact Fr Brian if your family has an immediate need for help.

Regular giving to support the Parish...

Can be done using Donation Envelope or Automatic Payment (AP).
Please contact Berny at the Parish office.

Tea and Conversation...

In the hall after Ww 10.30 am Mass

Warkworth Combined Churches Food bank.

Please bring items any and every Sunday!!

NZ Catholic

The June 28 – July 11 is out now!

Regular giving to support the Parish

This can be done using Donation Envelopes or Automatic Payment (AP).
Please contact Berny at the Parish office.


Some headlines from the latest issue of NZ Catholic:

  • Bishop Basil Meeking laid to rest.
  • Principal joins coalition against legalising cannabis.
  • Theological college considers new Auckland home.
  • This planet, our home, after Covid-19
NZ Catholic - $4 per issue.

- - -


Strange People
There was a young Scottish boy called Angus who decided to try life in Australia. He found an apartment in a small block and settled in.

After a week or two, his mother called from Aberdeen to see how her son was doing in his new life.

"I'm fine," Angus said. "But there are some really strange people living in these apartments. One woman cries all day long, another complains constantly, and there is a guy next door to me who bangs his head on the wall all the time."

"Well, ma laddie," says his mother, "I suggest you don't associate with people like that."

"Oh," says Angus, "I don't, Mam, I don't. No, I just stay inside my apartment all day and night, playing my bagpipes."

How do you feel?

An astronaut in space was asked by a reporter, "How do you feel?"

"How would you feel," the astronaut replied, "if you were stuck here, on top of thousands or even millions of parts, each one supplied by the lowest bidder?"


A visitor from Holland was chatting with his American friend and was jokingly explaining the red, white and blue in the Netherlands flag.

"Our flag symbolizes our taxes," he said. "We get red when we talk about them, white when we get our tax bill, and blue after we pay them."

"That's the same with us," the American said, "only we see stars, too."

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Parish Priest: Fr Brian Lange 425 8545
Parish Finance Committee Chairperson: Bob Dye
Caring Group: - 425 8545 Office
Puhoi Church Bookings: Bernadette Straka 09 426 7374 or 422 0716 or WW Office 425 8545
Justice and Peace: Judith Williams 422 0181
Sacramental Programme: Parish Office 425 8545
Rosters: Warkworth: Parish Office 425 8545
Newsletter (Bulletin): Parish Office & Fr Brian Lange 425 8545
Warkworth Maintenance: Bob Dye 425 0089
Puhoi Church Maintenance: Simon Straka 0274914011 or 09 422 0716
Liturgical Ministries: Fr Brian Lange 425 8545
Warkworth Parish Hall Bookings: Parish Office 425 8545


If you are new to the parish, welcome!
An information booklet about the parish life is available in the foyer.
Please complete the form enclosed and hand it in or post it to the parish office or
complete it online here: “New Parishioner Form”

Christian Supplies for all Occasions

Heartbeat Christian Store, Warkworth
Ph 425 9559

Never Ending Books, Orewa Ph 09-426 6457

St Joseph’s Gift Store, Takapuna

The Square Gift Store, Auckland Cathedral

Family Life Catholic Gifts, Hillsborough

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