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Wheelchair Available ...

The Caring Group has provided a Wheelchair for the use of for any parishioner who may require it. Enquiries to Moira 425 0232.

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Parish Newsletter     †     26th March 2023


In today’s Gospel we see a scene with which all of us are familiar, namely, people weeping over the death of a loved one.
Jesus is at the centre of that scene. He is the one who gives hope to those who are surrounded by the shadows of death.

The raising of Lazarus by Jesus points out that the life we are searching for is not an extension of physical life, but the glorious, eternal life that the Father, Son and Spirit have prepared for us.

Fr Brian’s SCRIPTURE NOTE for the Sunday Mass

First Reading (Ezekiel 37:12-14). All three readings are concerned with resurrection to newness of life. In the First Reading Ezekiel describes the Babylonian exile of the Israelites and their promised restoration to their homeland in terms of death and resurrection. They are like a mass of dry bones strewn about a valley; but they will soon be reassembled and re-clothed with flesh and sinews. When the Spirit of Yahweh enters them, they will live again and inhabit their land once more.

Second Reading (Romans 8:8-11). This contains one of the most forceful of Paul’s expressions of Christian hope. The God who raised Jesus from the dead will raise us also because the same Spirit dwells in us. You’re present indwelling of the Spirit is an anticipation of the complete renewal of life that will come at the general resurrection.

Gospel (John 11:1-45). John’s main aim here is to elicit faith in Jesus. Jesus says, ‘Lazarus is dead; and for your sake I am glad I was not there because now you will believe.’ And the story ends with the words: ‘Many of the Jews … who had seen what he did, believed in him.’ Martha is presented as a model of faith. In defiance of the evidence, she declares, ‘ I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, the one who was to come into the world.’
Lazarus returned to earthly life. There is no suggestion that he was glorified, or that he wouldn’t have to die again. He got a few more years added to his earthly life. But this was not Jesus’ purpose in coming into the world.
Jesus came to offer us the life that cannot be touched by death, the kind of life that only God possesses, and that Jesus as God’s Son makes possible for those who believe in him. The key words in the story are: ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will never die (eternally).’
The delay in coming to Martha and Mary, and the fact that Lazarus has been dead for four days, serve to underline the point the evangelist is making, namely, that Jesus is the master of life and death.
There is a clear baptismal dimension to the story. It is through Baptism that we receive a share in the undying life of God.


I believe in death.
I believe that it is part of life.
I believe that we are born to die,
to die that we may live more fully;
born to die a little each day
to selfishness, to pretence, and to sin.
I believe that every time we pass
from one stage of life to another,
something in us dies
and something new is born.
I believe that we taste death in moments of loneliness, rejection, sorrow,
disappointment, and failure.
I believe that we are dying before our time
when we live in bitterness, in hatred,
and in isolation.
I believe that each day we are creating
our own death by the way we live.
For those with faith, death is not extinguishing the light;
it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.

- - -

News & Events

A warm welcome to ...
    any new parishioners:

Please introduce yourself to Fr Brian and also complete a parish Enrolment Form on the table in the foyer.

Alternatively complete and send this form online;
click here.


Stations of the Cross every Friday after 10am Warkworth Mass

Children's Liturgy

There will be a Children's Liturgy in the church hall during the 10.30am Mass this Sunday. Pre-school children must be accompanied by a caregiver.
We are hoping to build this ministry up to regular sessions.
The Liturgy Team with special thanks to Lisa, our catechist.

Have a cuppa....

Join us for a cup of tea/coffee after
Sunday 10.30 am Mass

A Blessing –

May we never forget
that we are but pilgrims on the earth,
and that our true home is in heaven.
May God, who has called us to eternal glory in Christ,
strengthen and support us with his grace.
May we walk before the Lord
with blameless hearts.

Next Sunday - 2nd April 2023

Palm (Passion) Sunday
Gospel for procession – Matthew 21:1-11
1st Reading: Isaiah 50:4-7
Psalm 21
2nd Reading: Philippians 2:6-11
Gospel: Matthew 26:14-27,66

Men’s Breakfast

Men’s Breakfast last Saturday of every month
in the Warkworth Presbytery

Next one: 25th February at 7.30 am.

Moved …

If you have moved home, changed your telephone or email address kindly email your changed details to the parish office.


Some headlines from the latest issue of NZ Catholic:

  • Youth evangelisation team starts in Christchurch
  • Auckland priest farewelled.
  • Catholic school hosts state school hit by cyclone.
NZ Catholic - $4 per issue.

- - -

Diocesan Notices

Good Friday Stations of the Cross Procession On Good Friday.

The Diocese will continue our traditional Stations of the Cross procession through Auckland CBD.
We will begin by gathering at Albert Part Rotunda at 9am.
The procession will conclude at St Patrick’s Cathedral at 11am. We would love you, your family, and your faith community to join us in this powerful public witness through the streets of Auckland.

Prayer and Liturgy Course

Te Kupenga Catholic Theological College is offering the course PM501 Prayer and Liturgy on Saturdays 01 April, 06 May and 03 June in Ponsonby, Auckland.
This course is ideal for people in the ministry or wanting to grow their faith.
It can be credited towards a Certificate qualification or solely for personal interest.
For schedule of fees, go to
Email or call 09 3611053 to enquire or register.

Reflection Day Mary MacKillop Retreat Centre, Mission Bay

The Senses as Thresholds to the Soul Sr Ann Neven, Saturday 1 April 10am – 3pm $30 waged/$20 unwaged Registrations to Sr Julian Langton by March 30th Ph: 09 528 1801

Marriage Educators required

If you are able to volunteer 2 hours per week and willing to train as Marriage Educators, then you are just the married couple we are looking for to join our Marriage Educators Team.
We are looking for couples married for more than five years with strong Catholic faith to journey with couples preparing for marriage.
We are especially interested in couples fluent in English or Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Mandarin, French or Spanish. For more information contact


We are hoping for a visit from the Oceania Responsible in July 2023 and he would like to know if your parish has any MMP members.
Please contact Sylvia Hartley via email or 021 088 22990


Financial assistance is available to assist families who may need financial support with the payment of Attendance Dues for preference students attending both primary and secondary Catholic schools in the Auckland Diocese.Families facing financial difficulties can contact their school office, their Parish Priest or the ACFL Operations Manager on 09-360-3069 at the Catholic Diocese of Auckland for further information. Application forms for this assistance are available from school and parish offices, or can be downloaded from the Catholic Diocese of Auckland Website:


Read about the happenings in the diocese over the past couple of months through our newsletter CDA-connect.

Encounter God in awe and wonder in the Mass:

Each Wednesday during Lent,
Zoom 7 – 7.40pm to reflect on Pope Francis’ letter: Desiderio Desideravi.
To register, contact Dianna Fouhy –

Pray with the Sunday Gospels this Lent:

Each Sunday during Lent, join us on Zoom
7 – 7.40pm to reflect on Pope Francis’ letter: Desiderio Desideravi.
To register, contact Dianna Fouhy –

Lent resources:

The National Liturgy Office has prepared substantial parish and personal Lent resources, as well as a link to the important Caritas Lenten Appeal. Go here for the resources:

Upcoming Retreats & Events at St Francis Retreat Centre

For more info/dates visit or call 09 625 6651

Time Out Days – For those who see a day retreat - 9:30am – 2:30pm ($30 includes lunch) Tue 18 Apr

24Hr Quietude – For those who seek a short retreat – Fri 7pm – Sat 7pm ($120pp incl accomm + food) Jul 7th/8th

- - -

Parish Services and Contacts

Home Visits

Please contact Fr Brian if you need or you know of someone who would like a Home Visit
– communion and reconciliation to the sick and housebound.

For Sale

2023 Daily Mass Calendars $3

2023 Columban Calendars $12

Get yours from the tables
at the back of both churches

Warkworth Homebuilders:

Is an organisation working in North Rodney dedicated to helping local families
by walking them through hard times.
Call (09) 425 7048

Warkworth Combined Churches Foodlink

Contact: 09 425 8861, 5 Pulham Road, Warkworth.
  • Collection baskets are in the foyers of our churches for food and grocery items
  • To donate directly to Foodlink: Mahu Vision Community ANZ 01-0482-0005321-11

Parish Contributions

For those parishioners who donate to the parish via the envelope system or by cash during the collection time at Mass, you may wish to continue to contribute to the parish via internet banking.

The parish bank account number is
Please ensure that you provide the following details with each payment:
  • Your initials and name
  • If you normally pay via the envelope system then please quote your envelope number
  • The word “collection”

For all other parishioners who donate by envelope or cash and who do not have access to internet banking, then please hold your collection money each week and the parish will collect it as soon as possible after this crisis has abated.

The Lord remains with us always. Let us pray for each other to deepen our gratitude for that presence in our spiritual communion each day.

Sts. Peter and Paul, pray for us!
Peace in Christ,
Fr. Brian Lange

Planned Giving

To enrol in the our parish Planned Giving Program, please complete the form on the back and place either into the collection basket, give to Father Brian or to the Parish Office. If you have any questions please email Berny at the parish office.

- - -


Arrival in Heaven
A priest and a taxi driver both died and went to Heaven. St. Peter was at the pearly gates waiting for them.

"Come with me," said St. Peter to the taxi driver. The taxi driver did as he was told and followed St. Peter to a mansion. It had anything you could imagine from a bowling alley to a gigantic swimming pool.

"Wow, thank you!" said the taxi driver.

Next, St. Peter led the priest to a rugged old shack with a bunk bed and a little old television set.

"Wait, I think you are a little mixed up," said the priest. "Shouldn't I be the one who gets the mansion? After all, I was a priest and preached God's word every day."

"Yes, that's true. But during your sermons people slept. When the taxi driver drove, everyone prayed."

Dog Joke

Two women, who are dog owners, are arguing which dog is smarter.

First woman: "My dog is so smart. Every morning he waits for the postman to come around and then he takes the mail and brings it to me."

Second woman: "I know."

First one: "How?"

Second one: "My dog told me."

Business is business

A young businessman rented a beautiful office. However, no business was coming in.

Sitting there, worrying, he saw a man come into the outer office. Wanting to look busy, he picked up the phone and pretended he was negotiating a big deal. He spoke loudly about big figures and huge commitments.

Finally, he put down the phone and asked the visitor, "Can I help you?"

The man said, "I've come to install the phone."

The stupidity about EVs. They're much worse for the planet in the long run.
Not only that, but after about 5 years when the battery dies - the EV is worthless!

Listen to this speaker on EV's:
Debating the value of electric vehicles to our eco-system

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Parish Priest: Fr Brian Lange 425 8545
Parish Finance Committee Chairperson: Fr Brian Lange
Caring Group: - 425 8545 Office
Puhoi Church Bookings: Bernadette Straka 09 426 7374 or 422 0716 or WW Office 425 8545
Sacramental Programme: Parish Office 425 8545
Rosters: Warkworth: Parish Office 425 8545
Newsletter (Bulletin): Parish Office & Fr Brian Lange 425 8545
Warkworth Maintenance: Simon Straka 0274914011 or 09 422 0716
Puhoi Church Maintenance: Simon Straka 0274914011 or 09 422 0716
Liturgical Ministries: Warkworth: Christine 423 0433, Fr Brian Lange 425 8545
Warkworth Parish Hall Bookings: Parish Office 425 8545
Marriage preparation programme: Gerry Smith at Auckland Diocese (09) 360 3025


If you are new to the parish, welcome!
An information booklet about the parish life is available in the foyer.
Please complete the form enclosed and hand it in or post it to the parish office or
complete it online here: “New Parishioner Form”

Christian Supplies for all Occasions

Heartbeat Christian Store, Warkworth
Ph 425 9559

Never Ending Books, Orewa Ph 09-426 6457

St Joseph’s Gift Store, Takapuna

The Square Gift Store, Auckland Cathedral

Family Life Catholic Gifts, Hillsborough

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