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Parish Newsletter     †     22nd Nov 2020


We know this story well. The most important word in it is ‘I’. Jesus identifies himself with the people he is talking about. He doesn’t say people were in prison and you visited them, or sick or naked. He says I who am in prison, sick or naked. It’s even more than being a brother or sister of Jesus. He identifies with each of us especially in need. Created as we are in the image of God, Jesus sees right through us to see God. God is the divine life of God in each person.

That makes the difference. We don’t help the needy person only because he or she is needy, but because each is in the image of God and Jesus sees him or her and says ‘that’s me.’
- Donal Neary


In the evening of our lives
we will be examined on love.
Mother Teresa said:
‘The biggest disease in the world today
is the feeling of being unwanted.
And the greatest evil in the world
is the terrible indifference
towards one’s neighbour.’
Lord, open our hearts
when they are closed,
and warm them when they are cold,
so that we may produce
the fruits of love,
and be found worthy
of belonging to your kingdom.

Sharing the Word of God today


First Reading (Ezekiel 34:11-12,15-17). Ezekiel realized the importance of good leaders. Much of the misfortune that had befallen Israel had been due to bad leadership. So, in the end God himself will assume the mantle of leadership. He will be a true shepherd who will bring together the scattered remnants of his flock. But even then, the individual will be responsible for his own salvation, for God will still judge ‘between sheep and sheep.’ Ezekiel’s prophecy found fulfilment in Jesus, ‘the good shepherd’.

Second Reading (1 Corinthians 15:20-26,28). Here Paul looks to the Parousia when all those in Christ will be raised. At the end of the world Christ will reign as universal King, having overcome all hostile forces, including death.

Gospel (Matthew 25:31-46). Matthew’s Eschatological Sermon (24:1-25:46) ends with the Last Judgement. The central point here is to show what the criterion of judgement will be. The judgement will be based on the treatment of deprived outcasts – a warning for the Church not to follow the world that pays more attention to the rich and the powerful.
Here Matthew portrays Christ as a stern King and Judge. But this image shouldn’t be over-emphasized. Ezekiel (First Reading) has a gentler image – that of a good shepherd who cares for all the sheep in his flock, but shows particular care for the weak and wounded ones. This was the image Jesus himself used to describe his person and his mission. And his followers show that they truly belong to his kingdom by their care for ‘the little ones’. We don’t know exactly how the last judgement will happen, but we do know what the followers of Jesus will be judged on. They will be judged on whether or not they rendered loving service to the poor. Care for one’s neighbour is the core value of Christianity. To be ready or watchful for the Lord’s coming is to be able to recognize the Son of Man in all those in need, and to translate one’s love into concrete works of mercy.

Did you feed the hungry.....

Did you feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, care for the sick and visit the prisoner?
Lord Jesus, may your kingdom come. The reign of equality, justice, peace and love.

- - -

Parish, News & Events

Parish Office hours this week

Thursday & Friday 9am-2pm

Projector Operators Required - Warkworth Church

At Warkworth Church for Saturday Vigil and Sunday Mass.

Working Bee & Spring Clean - Puhoi

Puhoi Church – 9am Saturday 21st November
Warkworth Church – 10am Saturday 28th November
Please bring your preferred :
Inside Spring Cleaning equipment or Outside tools!
Morning tea provided, see you there!

Join us for a ‘cuppa’

Straight after the 10.30 am Warkworth Sunday Mass.

Gifting Envelopes (not Auto Gifting)

Are in the foyer of both churches.

2020 Christmas Magazine

Calling for stories, jokes or articles.
Email Berny at the parish office

Warkworth Rosters

Before setting out the December & January Roster if you are planning to be away please email Berny at the parish office
Please contact Berny at the parish office

2021 Columban Art Calendar

All sales support the work of the Columban Missionary Society. $12 each.

Parish Children’s Christmas Eve Mass...

At Holy Name Church on December 24th?
Be part of the dramatisation of the Nativity story during the Mass. Boys and girls both welcome. Initial enquiries to Berny at the parish office

- - -

Parish Contributions

For those parishioners who donate to the parish via the envelope system or by cash during the collection time at Mass, you may wish to continue to contribute to the parish via internet banking.

The parish bank account number is 02-0100-0120990-018.
Please ensure that you provide the following details with each payment:
  • Your initials and name
  • If you normally pay via the envelope system then please quote your envelope number
  • The word “collection”

For all other parishioners who donate by envelope or cash and who do not have access to internet banking, then please hold your collection money each week and the parish will collect it as soon as possible after this crisis has abated.

The Lord remains with us always. Let us pray for each other to deepen our gratitude for that presence in our spiritual communion each day.

Sts. Peter and Paul, pray for us!
Peace in Christ,
Fr. Brian Lange

Warkworth Combined Churches Foodlink

Operates from the Mahurangi Presbyterian Church, 5 Pulham Road, Warkworth, telephone 425-8861.
WCC Foodlink provides food parcels for families and individuals in need.
Warkworth Christian Foodlink account

Christmas List of items required.
Please take a copy from the clip on the notice board.
Open the list here

Parish Caring Fund – Family Support

Please contact Fr Brian if your family has an immediate need for help.


Some headlines from the latest issue of NZ Catholic:

  • Priests and bishop at pro-life street vigil.
  • Nuncio speaks on youth, laity and Pope’s vision.
  • Memorial for young Christchurch priest killed in accident.
  • Tauranga couple die on same day after 66 years married.
NZ Catholic - $4 per issue.

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Diocesan News & Events

National March for Life.

You’re invited to love them both by attending the fourth annual NATIONAL March for Life in Wellington on Saturday 5 December.
Join pro-life Kiwis from all over NZ in a family-friendly celebration of life which also peacefully protests the practice and legality of abortion.
Gather at Civic Square from 1pm for family-friendly entertainment, sausage sizzle and pro-life stalls. March to Parliament Grounds begins at 2pm. Concludes at 4pm. Learn more about this important event at a critical moment in NZ’s history:


An app to encourages people to seek a moment to reflect, pray and respond to the ancient Christian cycle of seasons, saints and readings. Available from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store; search for NZpray2day, It is free a gift for you from Te Kupenga – the Catholic Leadership Institute.


A pro-life group called "Prolove" is seeking other pro-lifers who can help them provide practical help to new and expectant mums. If you are interested in becoming a local Prolove volunteer, you are welcome to contact Melissa Dobbs by email

Titipounamu Study & Joy

Online Session (Evening): The Gospel of Mark with Br Kieran Fenn. Next session on 27 November, 7-8.30pm. Fee: $25/session. ZOOM.
All sessions of this series are connected but also stand alone.
Topic: The Passion Narrative in the Gospel according to Mark.
See also:

Online Session (Evening): Christmas Self Care Nibbles with Clare Barnett.
Tuesday, 15 December, 7.15-8.45pm. Fee: $30. ZOOM
For more information:


2021 Daily Mass Calendars - $3

- - -


Golfing for Seniors
Four senior golfers hit the course, some of them with waning enthusiasm for the sport.

"These hills are getting steeper as the years go by," one complained.

"These fairways seem to be getting longer too," said one of the others.

"The sand traps seem to be bigger than I remember them too," said the third senior.

After hearing enough from his senior buddies, the oldest, and the wisest of the four of them at 87 years old, piped up and said, "Quit your dang complaining and just be thankful we're still on the RIGHT SIDE of the grass!"

Just a job....

Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources person asked the young applicant fresh out of one of the best universities, "And what starting salary were you looking for?"

The candidate said, "In the neighborhood of $125,000 a year, depending on the benefits package."

The HR person said, "Well, what would you say to a package of 5 weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and dental, company matching retirement fund to 50% of salary, and a company car leased every 2 years?"

The engineer sat up straight and said, "Wow! Are you kidding?"

And the HR Person said, "Certainly, ...but you started it."

Who do you call?

A woman woke her husband in the middle of the night. "There's a man downstairs eating the cake that I made this morning."

"Who shall I call," her husband asked, "police or ambulance?"

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Parish Priest: Fr Brian Lange 425 8545
Parish Finance Committee Chairperson: Bob Dye
Caring Group: - 425 8545 Office
Puhoi Church Bookings: Bernadette Straka 09 426 7374 or 422 0716 or WW Office 425 8545
Justice and Peace: Judith Williams 422 0181
Sacramental Programme: Parish Office 425 8545
Rosters: Warkworth: Parish Office 425 8545
Newsletter (Bulletin): Parish Office & Fr Brian Lange 425 8545
Warkworth Maintenance: Bob Dye 425 0089
Puhoi Church Maintenance: Simon Straka 0274914011 or 09 422 0716
Liturgical Ministries: Fr Brian Lange 425 8545
Warkworth Parish Hall Bookings: Parish Office 425 8545


If you are new to the parish, welcome!
An information booklet about the parish life is available in the foyer.
Please complete the form enclosed and hand it in or post it to the parish office or
complete it online here: “New Parishioner Form”

Christian Supplies for all Occasions

Heartbeat Christian Store, Warkworth
Ph 425 9559

Never Ending Books, Orewa Ph 09-426 6457

St Joseph’s Gift Store, Takapuna

The Square Gift Store, Auckland Cathedral

Family Life Catholic Gifts, Hillsborough

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