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Using the Library

The online catalogue is alphabetically aranged in two formats:

The books themselves are held at Holy Name, Warkworth.

There are about 360 books available and they are divided into clearly marked sections. We hope to soon have the books in each section stored in alphabetical order by author. The Scripture, Reference and Art sections and Magazines are in the old library in the work sacristy. The Saints, Spirituality, Theology, Philosophy, Biography, History, General, Novels, and Poetry sections are at the back of the church.

Each book has an identifying number which you can use on the record sheet instead of writing the whole name of the book.

  • You may take up to 3 books at a time
  • Enter the book's identifying number, your name, phone number and date taken on the record sheet.
  • Books should be returned within a month and the date of return entered.
  • You may also reserve a book that is out, on the record sheet.

If you have any suitable books that that you would like to donate to the library, please leave them in a box in the work sacristy.

If your Parish would like a managed site like this - email Simon Straka