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Lord, we are gathered together for the Parish Council meeting.
You said that where two or three are gathered together in your name, you are there in their midst.
Be with us to guide us as we discuss Parish business.
Help us to focus our attention on what is good for the Parish and parishioners.
Centre our thoughts on you and your will.
Help us to make wise and careful decisions.
Thank you for all the blessings you have given us and we pray that we may share your goodness with others.

Parish Council from May 2017 onwards:

Fr. Sean
Fr. Sean O'Connor
Parish Priest
Ph: 09 425 8545

Berny Straka (Chair & Finance Cmte Rep),
Linda Williams (Secretary)
Heston Prosperesmith (Asst. Secretary)
Lech Ozieranski
Lauren Boakes [Parish Secretary]
Simon Straka [Website manager & newsletter distribution]
T. Buren [Kiribati rep.]
Christine Greig [Liturgy Coordinator]
Rick O'Flaherty

MINUTES Warkworth/Puhoi Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

Sunday 3rd December 2017, 11.30am at Warkworth Church Hall
  1. Prayer: Fr Sean
  2. Attendance: Lynn Williams, Fr Sean, Lauren Boakes. Berny Straka, Simon Straka Lech Ozrienski, T. Buren Heston Prosper-Smith
  3. Apologies: None
  4. Guests: Rick O’Flaherty, Christine Greig
  5. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting: Proposed: Simon Straka. Seconded: Fr Sean. All agreed
  6. Matters Arising from the previous minutes: Anointing Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Parish Picnic, Lenten Study
  7. Correspondence – IN/OUT None
  8. General Business: Housekeeping. Advised K Rice is no longer the finance rep – Simon or Bernadette can answer any finance questions.

    Motion: That Rick O’Flaherty be accepted as a member of the PPC.
    Proposed: Berny S. Seconded: Fr Sean. All Agreed

    Motion: That Christine Greig be accepted as a member of the PPC (Liturgy and Music Rep)
    Proposed: Rick O. Seconded Heston P-Smith. All agreed.


    Parish Survey
    The survey results are in and the PPC will be acting on recommendations – as follows:

    1. The possibility of help for solo mums? Need to identity what help is required.
    2. Don’t know who our PPC are? Suggestion that a photo of the PPC should also be in the Christmas magazine and displayed on the back wall of the churches (possible privacy issue) and a member of the PPC could speak at church, PPC should write an article for the church magazine and to be included on the parish website.
    3. Parishioners need to judge less?
    4. A list of parish tradesmen? Could be held at the back of the churches TBC or held by parish office and a link added to the parish website (a skills list or trade and services).
    5. What is there for youth? Lauren B advised that the youth had been going well, but is now not working.
    6. No talking in the church before Mass? A note will be included in the newsletter and to be mentioned before or after mass for fellowship the church will be open during the week for reflection.
    7. Newsletter needs more local content.

    Possibility of anointing mass with Eucharistic adoration.
    Kristin Price has offered to start a bible study group.
    Kiribati involvement during mass: e.g. Dancing in the Gospel. T Buren has been asked if the Kiribati group can sing in English? Also he needs to know what hymns can be used re copyright of hymns. Berny advised a register for music/copyright is held in the parish.
    Shona Pickup and Trish Coupe have volunteered to visit the sick of the parish.
    Parish office to advertise in weekly newsletter, that we are looking for Talented Parishioners to help out in ministries.

    Christmas Magazine:
    Finance chairman, Fr Sean and Kristine Price have written reports to be included in the Christmas Magazine.
    T Buren will ask someone from Kiribati to write a short history of the Kiribati people in Warkworth

    Parish Picnic:
    Lech O suggested Kiribati picnic combined with European parishioners and food is a good opportunity to meet each other and experience each other’s culture.
    Rick O advised nothing much has been done at present, Point Wells has been suggested as a possibility also Puhoi Pony Club, or the Puhoi Domain. Heston to borrow a marquee if needed.
    The Picnic needs to be advertised and Berny will put in the Christmas Magazine, date possibly late Feb.

    Altar Servers:
    Simon suggested musicians and altar servers should be given a gift as a thank you for their help - there is money available in the youth account, this would also include the Kiribati youth. The total number of children TBA.
    Lech O will donate $25.00 per child for Warkworth helpers and Simon will organise for Puhoi. Possible x 10 children.

  9. Closing Prayer – led by Fr Sean
  10. Next Meeting: 11th February 2018
  11. Meeting closed at: 12.37pm

MINUTES Warkworth/Puhoi Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

Sunday 5th November 2017, 11.30am at Warkworth Church Hall
  1. Prayer: Fr Sean
  2. Attendance: Lynn Williams, Fr Sean, Lauren Boakes. Berny Straka, Simon Straka Lech Ozrienski, T. Buren
  3. Apologies: Heston Prosper Smith Kieran Rice
  4. Guests Rick O’Flaherty
  5. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting:
  6. Matters Arising from the previous minutes: Parish Survey
  7. Correspondence – IN/OUT None
  8. General Business: LW gave Parish survey information for Fr, Lauren, and Berny to discuss.


    Letters of thanks for their service on PPC to retired members - Tom Church, Josna Jenns.

    Advent Christmas Celebrations

    December Children's Masses

    Christmas Magazine

    Inviting and organizing Altar Servers - Sean & perhaps Volunteer from Two Churches

    Christmas Mass Timetable for Puhoi and Warkworth

    Information - Youth, Finance, Kiribati Group, Men's Breakfast


    Re. Kiribati, T Buren is not aware of helper for priest, Kiribati mass was being held today at 3.30pm. T Buren does not attend the Kiribati mass he attends WW mass.

    More people are needed for WW, incl Readers, Communion Ministers, and Collection. The Martin family’s girls are good helpers at WW, but still will need to ask for readers.

    Lapsed Catholics Rick O’Flaherty stated last course was not very successful. Possibly send out a Christmas card to parishioners, or a copy of the magazine, need to use parish roll for addresses, possibility of calling on people TBD. Lech suggested someone visiting people who are lapsed, and inviting them back to church.

    Lech advised that he has a heating machine which he is happy to donate to the parish, but a contractor would be needed to the pipe work and fitting etc. Berny will purchase a hydraulic unit the budget estimate would be around $15,000.00. Lech will need to investigate the power supply and organise.

    NB Letters to retiring committee members, Berny will draft letter, Lynn will type them.

    Mass times for Christmas, will be the same as usual.

    Reconciliations Warkworth after Tuesday mass and Saturday evening. Fr Sean will speak to the Wellsford priest to see if he can help.

    For advent only in Puhoi before mass, Fr Sean will speak to the congregation.

    Mass times for Christmas;

    • Puhoi 8.30am
    • Warkworth 10.30am
    • Warkworth Baptism 5.00pm
    • Warkworth Carols 6.30pm
    • Warkworth Christmas Mass 7.00pm
    • Puhoi Carols 8.30pm
    • Puhoi Christmas Mass 9.00pm
    • Christmas Day Mass Warkworth 9.30am

    Lech will speak to Fr Dominic, from CDC to help with reconciliations for Christmas, date to be advised, Fr Sean to see when he would like him to come.

    Children’s Mass Dec, to be left to the coordinator’s. There was a good response at the children’s mass in Warkworth today.

    Berny suggested Warkworth Kids decorate the church at the children’s mass and the Kiribati you should be invited to help.

    Christmas magazine, do we want to produce one? Including the committee updates, with a message from Fr this could also be used for outreach. There is as lack of committees, but Berny will speak to people and try for any articles to be included.

    Alter servers possibly children who have made their first communion. Lauren has a list for contact. Lauren has a roster which she emails out, but the children don’t always turn up.

    Donations are available for the youth to attend a meeting in Auckland.

    Flyers for volunteers Berny to print and place in the churches and newsletter

    Parish Dinner There will be no parish dinner this year, but possibly in the New Year or early Feb, we will hold a picnic, the date to be confirmed.

    Rick advised he has spoken to Christine Gregg re Liturgy committee.

  9. Next Meeting: 3rd December 2017
  10. Closing Prayer – led by Fr Sean

Meeting closed at: 12.55pm

MINUTES Warkworth/Puhoi Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

Sunday 01st October 2017, 11.30am at Warkworth Church Hall
  1. Prayer Mass
  2. Attendance: Lynn Williams, Fr Sean, Lauren Boakes. Berny Straka, Simon Straka
  3. Apologies: Heston Prosper Smith
  4. Guests Rick O’Flaherty
  5. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting – FR Sean, seconded Lauren Boakes
  6. Matters Arising from the previous minutes:
    • Heating update required
    • Parish Survey
    • Pews
  7. Correspondence – IN/OUT None
  8. General Business:

    A motion was raised to accept the nomination of Berny and Simon Straka to the PPC and for Berny Straka to hold the position of chairperson, accepted Lynn Williams, seconded Lauren Boakes.
    Rick O’Flaherty commented that the PPC should have advertised for additional PPC members before going ahead.

    Berny and Simon Straka – offered to step down if additional /appropriate people join the PPC.

    An advert is to be drafted requesting parishioners to join either the PPC or Parish ministries as we are in desperate need. Lynn Williams to make a flyer for advertising. [ L Williams DONE 2/10/17 ]

    Parish Survey Heston to report on parish survey if he is not able to complete someone else will have to collate as this needs to be done asap and results distributed before the next PPC meeting. Also Update needed on timber for the church pews [ Heston P-Smith ASAP ]

    Fr Sean to supply information from the previous deanery meeting, otherwise he will need to ask for the information again at the upcoming meeting on 3/10/2017 [ FR SEAN ]


    Ideas are needed at the next PPC meeting on how to communicate with lapsed Catholic’s in the parish. Wellsford has collated a list of parishioner’s emails, we could possible look at doing the same.

    Discussions need to be had with Francis (Kiribati community) regarding their timetable, ie when is the next Kiribati mass, hall bookings, leading the music 1x per month are they still prepared to do this, also would they like to lead some ministries in the mass. [ FR SEAN DONE ]

    Lynn Williams to contact Tom Church and discuss position on PPC does he still want to remain [ LYNN WILLIAMS DONE ]

    Lynn Williams to send email to Kiribati nominated PPC member and outline communication requirements. [ LYNN WILLIAMS DONE ]

    Lynn Williams to send email to Josna and Lech, to clarify their position on the PPC [ LYNN WILLIAMS DONE ]

  9. Next Meeting: 5th November: 2017
  10. Closing Prayer – led by Fr Sean

Meeting closed at: 12.36pm

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