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Parish Library Catalogue, by Subject

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Art - Biography - General - History - Liturgy - Marian - Novels - Philosophy - Poetry -
Prayer - Psychology - Reference - Saints - Scripture - Social - Spirituality - Theology


Auclair, MarcelleChrist's Image
Matthews, John FEl Greco
Leclerc, AndreFra Angelico
Mac Liammoir, MichealW B Yeats and his World
Lees-Milne, JamesSaint Peter's
Male, EmileThe Gothic Image
Nurnberg, WalterHands at Mass
Oberle, JeanUtrillo
Papafava, FrancescoRome and the Vatican
Rossi, FilippoThe Uffizi and Pitti, Florence
Sartoris, AlbertoPiero della Francesca
Von Matt, LeonardArt in the Vatican


Barrett, WilliamThe Red Laquered Gate
Chapman, GeofreyPope John XXIII
Craig, MaryThe Man from a Far Country (2 copies)
Culbertson, Diane (Ed.)Rose Hawthorne Lathrop
Fabert, AndrePope Paul XI
Farrow, MiaWhat Falls Away
Fischer, EdwardFiji Revisited (Fr. Martrin Dobey)
Gallagher, JosephThe Pain and the Privelege
Guinness, AlecMy Name Escapes Me
Hyde, DouglasGod's Bandit (Don Orione)
Jordan, WilliamConquest without Victory
Klaus, RitaRita's Story
Munroe, JessieStory of Suzanne Aubert
Murphy, FrankDaniel Mannix
Newman, JHApologia pro Vita Sua
Noble, ChristinaBridge across my Sorrows
Ousler, Will & FultonFather Flanagan of Boystown
Parker, MichaelThis Portentous Priest
Pope John XXIIIJournal of a Soul
Press, MargaretJulian Tenison Woods - Father Founder
Rafter, PatNever Let Go
Reeve, ChristopherStill Me
Ryder, Fr TomFollowing All your Ways, Lord
Sobel, DavaGalileo's Daughter
Stern, KarlThe Pillar of Fire
Trevor, MeriolNewman - Light in Winter
Trevor, MeriolNewman - The Pillar and the Cloud
Wall, BernardPriest and Worker


Allen, W H (Ed.)Catholic Digest Omnibus
Belloc, HilaireThe Path to Rome
Carroll, LewisAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
CervantesDon Quixote
ChaucerThe Canterbury Tales
Gratus, JackGive and Take - A practical guide for Meetings
Hildred, BHow to Survive in the Bush
Jackson, Kenneth HurlstoneA Celtic Miscellany
Karam, JoeDavid and Goliath
O'Brien, Conor CruiseMaria Cross
Polkinghorne, JohnBeyond Science
Sheed, FJ (Ed.)The Guest-Room Book
Tolkien, J R RThe Hobbit
VirgilEclogues: Georgics
Yeats, W BSelected Criticism
Yeats, W BSelected Prose


Bede, The VenerableA History of the English Chuch and People
Bloch, HerbertThe Bombardment of Monte Cassino
Cahill, ThomasHow the Irish Saved Civilization
Daniel-Rops (Ed.)The Miracle of Ireland
Diaz, BernalThe Conquest of New Spain
Fernandez-Armesto, FMillennium
Fraser, AntoniaThe Gunpowder Plot
Hersey, JohnHiroshima
Hughes, PhillipA History of the Church (to the Reformation)
Hughes, PhillipThe Church in Crisis (20 Great Councils)
Hughes, RobertThe Fatal Shore
Innes, HammondThe Conquistadors
Novak, MichaelOpen Church, The (Vatican II)
O'Farrell, PatrickThe Irish in Australia
Philbrick, NathanielIn the Heart of the Sea (The true Moby Dick tale)
Rynne, XavierJohn Paul's Extraordinary Synod
Simmons, ERBrief History of the Catholic Church in NZ
Williams, JudithPuhoi Remembers
Wiltgen, RalphThe Founding of the RC Church in Oceania


Diess, LucienThe Mass
Gelineau, JosephLiturgy Today and Tomorrow
Swayne, SeanCommunion
Swayne, SeanGather Around the Lord


Connell, JaniceApparitions at Medjugorje
Duggan, WilliamMary our Hope
Duggan, WilliamVessel of Honour
HaffertSign of Her Heart
Houselander, CaryllReed of God
Johnson, AnnMiryam of Judah
Johnson, AnnMiryam of Nazareth
Laurentin, ReneMary's Place in the Church
Lynch, John W AWoman Wrapped in Silence
Newman, JHThe Mystical Rose
Rahner, KarlMary, Mother of the Lord
Ratzinger, JosephDaughter Zion
Robertson, John FrThe Medal Mary Designed
Sheed, FJThe Mary Book
Suenens, Leon-JosephMary the Mother of God
Tambasco, AnhonyWhat are they saying about Mary?
VariousExploring Fatima
Weible, WayneMedjugorie


Bernanos, GeorgesDiary of a Country Priest
Camus, AlbertThe Plague
Doyle, RoddyPaddy Clarke HaHaHa
Chesterton, GKOmnibus
Greene, GrahamThe Power and the Glory
Houselander, CaryllThe Dry Wood
Kavanagh, P JThe Perfect Stranger
Keneally, ThomasBring Larks and Heroes
Klise, ThomasThe Last Western
Koch, ChristopherOut of Ireland
Mannin, EthelLate have I Loved Thee
Mauriac, FrancoisA Woman of the Pharisees
Miller, Walter M (Jr.)A Canticle for Leibowitz
O'Connor, EdwinThe Edge of Sadness
O'Connor, FlanneryA Good Man is Hard to Find
O'Connor, FlanneryEverything That Rises Must Converge
O'Connor, FlanneryThe Violent Bear it Away
O'Connor, FlanneryWise Blood
O'Connor, FrankFish for Friday and other stories
Renault, MaryFire from Heaven
Trollope, AnthonyThe Last Cronicle of Barset
Waddell, HelenPeter Abelard
Waugh, EvelynOmnibus
Wodehouse, P GThe Jeeves Collection
Wren, Percival CBeau Geste


AristotleThe Basic Works
Copleston, FrederickContemporary Philosophy
Copleston, FrederickHistory of Philosophy:Fichte - Sartre
Copleston, FrederickHistory of Philosophy:Greece - Suarez
Crystal, DavidLinguistics, Language and Religion
Buber, MartinI and Thou
Dupre, LouisA Dubious Heritage
Fernandez-Armesto, FTruth
Gardner, JosteinSophie's World
Journet, CharlesThe Meaning of Evil
Lonergan, BernardInsight
Marcel, GabrielBeing and Having
Marcel, GabrielHomo Viator
Maritain, JacquesExistence and the Existent
Maritain, JacquesThe Rights of Man
McShane (Ed.)Introducing the thought of Bernard Lonergan
Pascal, BlaséPensees
Peiper, JosefLeisure, the Basis of Culture
Pirsig, RobertZen and the Art of Motor-cycle Maintenance
Ryan, Arthur HPerennial Philosophers
Sheen, FultonGod and Intelligence in Modern Philosophy


Belloc, HilaireCollected Verse
Duggan, EileenMore Poems
Duggan, EileenPoems
Eliot, TSCollected Poems
Elliot, TSMurder in the Cathedral
Elliot, TSSelected Prose
Hopkins, Gerard ManleyPoems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
Milton, JohnParadise Lost and other poems
Muir, EdwinCollected Poems
O'Brien, JohnAround the Boree Log
Shelley, Percy ByssheSelected Poetry and Prose
VariousThe Oxford Book of English Verse
Wells, H W (Tr.)The Vision of Piers Plowman
Wojtyla, KarolEaster Vigil and Other Poems
Yeats, W BCollected Poems


Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament
Bligh, JohnScripture of Meditation
Cassidy, SheilaPrayer for Pilgrims
Claudel, PaulLord Teach us to Pray
Kern, WalterNew Liturgy and Old Devotions
Luff, SGASilent Bedes
Maloney, George, AAlone with the Alone
McNutt, FrancisThe Prayer that Heals
Pope John XXIIIPrayers and Devotions
Quoist, MichaelPrayers of Life
Ryan, JuanitaMeeting God in Praise
Ryan, GenevieveSeasons of Grace (Bl. Mary McKillop)


Allers, RudolfThe Psychology of Character
Carrel, AlexisMan the Unknown
Jung, CGMemories, Dreams, Reflections
Kilpatrick, William KirkPsychological Seduction


Cathechism of the Catholic Church
Dictionary of the Bible
Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, The
Oxford English Reference Dictionary, The
Bullinger, EWEnglish-Greek Lexicon
Crystal, DavidCambridge Biographical Encyclopedia
Lawler, R etc.The Teaching of Christ
LewisLatin - English Dictionary
Nuener & Dupuis (Eds.)The Christian Faith
Piercy, HaroldFlower Arranging


Attwater, DonaldSt John Chrysostom
De La Bedoyere, MichaelBiography of St Francis of Assisi
Dunne, ClareMary McKillop - No Plaster Saint
Ellsberg, RobertAll Saints
Finlay, IanColumba
Forristal, DesmondColumcille - The Fox and the Dove
Gallico, PaulSteadfast Man, The (St Patrick)
Garden City PressHeroes of our Time
Guardini, RomanoThe Conversion of Augustine
Johnston, BernardMessage of St.Teresa of Lisieux
Johnston, BernardSt. Teresa of Lisieux
Knox, RonaldAutobiography of Saint Therese
Lilley, Stella MarisOn the Road with Padre Pio
Liso, OscardePadre Pio
O'Fiach, TomasColumbanus
Owen, FrThe Early Capuchins
Pauli, HerthaChristmas and the Saints
Purcell, MaryThe World of Monsieur Vincent
Scott, BrianMalachy
Sr. M PeterDauntless Daughter of Desires
Sr. MaryPhilippa Men with a Message
Woodgate, M VSt Joan of Arc


Children's Bible in 365 Stories
Holy Bible (Knox Version)
Jerusalem Bible
New Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture
The Children's Bible
American Bible SocietyBible for today's Family
Blyth, JohnColossians (Scripture of meditation 4)
Bishop, JimThe Day Christ Died
Catholic Bible PressGood News Bible
Guardini, RomanoThe Lord
Jeremias, JoachimThe Parables of Jesus
Knox-CoxWaiting for Christ
Kossoff, DavidThe Book of Witnesses
McKenzie, John LThe Two-Edged Sword
Nestle (Ed.)Greek - English Interlinear New Testament
New TestamentNo Greater Love
New TestamentTheGreatest Love
NIVSerendipity New Testament
Scott, BernardHear the Parables
Throckmorton, Burton (Ed.)Gospel Parallels


Clark, ColinStarvation or Plenty
Eco, UmbertoApocalypse Postponed
Eco, UmbertoTravels in Hyper-Reality
Galbraith, JKMoney - Whence it came, where it went
Galbraith, JKThe Affluent Society
Galbraith, JKThe Nature of Mass Poverty
Hyde, DouglasDedication and Leadership
Molloy, AnthonyThirty Pieces of Silver
O'Rourke, PJAll the Trouble in the World
O'Rourke, PJHolidays in Hell


Bassett, BernardWe Neurotics
Baxter, James KThe Flowering Cross
Baxter, James KThe Man on the Horse
Brandt, LFJesus Now
Breig, JamesWhy go to Mass?
Cassidy, ShielaAudacity to Believe
Chesterton, GKOrthodoxy
Chesterton, GKThe Everlasting Man
Cunningham, Lawrence (Ed.)Thomas Merton - Spiritual Master
de Chardin, TeilhardHymn of the Universe
de Chardin, TeilhardLe Milieu Divin
Dubay, ThomasCaring
Flynn Mr. GodThis is Anna
Fritz, PatriciaWe Praise You
Gelin, AlbertThe Poor of Yahweh
Ghezzi, BertKeeping Your Kids Catholic
Gilchrist, MichaelRome or the Bush
Graham, Dom AelredZen Catholicism
Guardini, RomanoPrayers from Theology
Hagin, KEExceedingly Growing Faith
Hammarskjold, DagMarkings
Hample / Marshall, EChildren's Letters to God
Holy Cross CollegeHeart and Soul
Houselander, CaryllThe Flowering Tree
Houselander, CaryllThe Passion of the Infant Christ
Houselander, CaryllThe Stations of the Cross
Howard, ThomasEvangelical is Not Enough
Hughes, Gerard WGod of Surprises
Hughes, Gerard WOh God, Why?
Hume, BasilSearching for God
Jarman, DavidChildhood's Pattern
Johnson, WilliamLord Teach us to Pray
Keeler, Robert FParish!
Kevane, EugeneThe Lord of History
Kimbrough, MaryThe Joy and Adventure of Growing Younger
Lester, AJUnderstanding Aged Parents
Lewis, CSThe Screwtape Letters
Lynch, FlannHealing and Growth
Mackey, JohnLooking at Ourselves
Mardon, Heather and MikeWon without a Word
McAll, KennethHealing the Family Tree
McCullagh, JohnIn the Bits and Pieces
McCullagh, JohnThoughts for the changing seasons
McGinley, PhyllisThe Province of the Heart
McGorry, VincentMore Blessed than Kings
McKenna, BriegeMiracles do Happen
McNutt, FrancisThe Prayer that Heals
Merton, ThomasBread in the Wilderness
Merton, ThomasSpiritual Direction
Milcent, PaulHumble so as to Love More
Muggeridge, MalcolmChrist and the Media
Muggeridge, MalcolmJesus
Muggeridge, MalcolmJesus the Man who Lives
Neher, AndreMoses
Nouwen, HenriIn Memoriam
Nowel, RobertWhy am I still a Catholic?
O'Collins, GeraldThe Second Journey
O'Donohue, JohnAnam Cara
O'Dwyer, PeterTowards a History of Irish Spirituality
Padovano, AnthonyA Celebration of Life
Parent, RemiLife to the Limits
Peck, M. ScottThe Road Less Travelled
Petty, JoGolden Praises
Powell, JohnHappiness is an Inside Job
Powell, JohnSecret of Being in Love
Purcell, WilliamBetween the Unseen and Seen
Rahner, KarlI Remember
Readers DigestJesus and His Times
Ridenour, FritzHow to become a Christian...
Sanders, JOSpiritual Leadership
Sertillanges, ADJesus
Sheed, FJThe Book of the Saviour
Smith, Graeme and PamIf God be for us
Smith, RegisHow can I Find God?
Sr M DamienSing no sad Songs for Me
St. BernardNativity, The
Suenens, Leon-JosephThe Gospel to every creature
Tosh, Bert (Ed.)Thought for the Day
Voillaume, ReneLiving God, The
Weil, SimoneGravity and Grace
Weil, SimoneWaiting on God
Wicks, Robert JSeeds of Sensitivity
Wojtyla, KarolSign of Contradiction
Wright, TomThe Myth of the Millennium


Aquinas, St ThomasSumma Theologiae (Condensed English Version)
Bea, AugustinThe Way to Unity after the Council
Berger, Peter L ARumour of Angels
Bonhoeffer, DietrichEthics
Bonhoeffer, DietrichLetters and Papers from Prison
Bonhoeffer, DietrichThe Cost of Discipleship
Bouyer, LouisThe Church of God
Daly, CahalNatural Law Morality Today
de Lubac, HenriNature and Grace
de Lubac, HenriThe Motherhood of the Church
Chirico, PeterInfallibility
Fox, MatthewOriginal Blessing
Guardini, RomanoFreedom, Grace and Destiny
Guerry, EIn the Whole Christ
Heenan, John COur Faith
Helwig, MonicaUnderstanding Catholicism
John Paul II, PopeCrossing the Threshhold of Hope (2 copies)
Luke, HelenWoman, Earth and Spirit
Macquarrie, JohnAn Existentialist Theology
Macquarrie, JohnPrinciples of Christian Theology
Maritain, JacquesOn the Grace and Humanity of Jesus
McMullin, ErnanEvolution and Creation
Messori, VJesus Hypotheses
Morton, JohnRedeeming Creation
O'Collins, GeraldJesus Today
Ott, LudwigFundamentals of Catholic Dogma
Ratzinger, JosefIntroduction to the Catechism
von Balthasar, Hans UrsDoes Jesus Know us - Do we Know Him?
von Balthasar, Hans UrsLove Alone: the Way of Revelation
von Balthasar, Hans UrsThe Christian State of Life
Scheeben, M.J.Mysteries of Christianity
Shea, JohnStories of Faith
Sheen, FultonGod and War
Sheldrake, PhillipImages of Holiness
St. Romain, PhilipJesus on the Cross - Why?
Suenens, Leon-JosephTheology of the Apostolate
Tillich, PaulThe Shaking of the Foundations
Vanier, JeanMan and Woman He Made Them

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