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ASK Fr Brian Lange

Father will answer your questions about the Catholic Faith by return email and may put the question and answer on this page.

Click Here to Ask Father a Question

Father will NOT make personal contact with you unless you specifically ask him to do so.

  • Hello. Are you allowed to be homo-sexual and practice the Catholic Faith? [Answer]

  • What scripture confirms papal infallibility? Doesn't Ephesians 2:20 negate such a premise?
    Is our 'rock' not the same as Peter's, our confession of faith - You are Christ, Son of the living God? [Answer]

  • I'm interested in becoming catholic, but I donít know how. Could you tell me more about it? [Answer]

  • As an adult, how do I prepare to make my First Communion? [Answer]

  • What is the Catholic teaching concerning cremation? [Answer]

Click Here to Ask Father a Question

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