Hello. Are you allowed to be homo-sexual and practice the Catholic Faith?

Father's Answer ...

My response to your question is that when we talk about sex or sexuality it brings up straight away the difference of the two sex as male and female. This difference of the two sex is in a way an answer to your question. Male is made for female and vice versa female is made for male in that relationship so that they can procreate. To be attracted to another of the same sex is not natural and the church does not encourage this relationship.

The church will encourage you to try and leave any homosexual relationship and to part take in the sacraments of the church. It is also a great need to be strengthened through the power of the sacraments and will help any who might be having difficulties in their own christian life. In other words that can be regarded as falling into sin if one gets involved in it like committing any serious or deadly sin. And any one having committed sin of the believing community that strives to do the best according to the commandments God and the Church.

May God Bless you Lance in your journey and be strenghtened to do do what you see the Lord is inviting you to. Be open to God's grace and Love.

With prayers and hope I wish you peace and strength.

Fr Arobati