I'm interested in becoming catholic, but I donít know how. Could you tell me more about it?

Father's Answer ...

Thank you for your email. I shall try to answer it fully but simply. The very best way is to approach a Catholic Priest where you live and ask him to help you. He can then direct you in your search and journey.

Often, a priest will begin the process of instruction himself (normally for about an hour a week). There is also a process called the RCIA, which stands for the RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION of ADULTS. This is a way of introducing people to the Catholic Church in stages, among a group of other like-minded people, with a support group of Catholics to assist you on that journey.

So, if you wish to follow this up, just go to the nearest Catholic Church and ask the priest to help. He will most certainly do so. May God bless you in your search.

                                                              Fr. Jordan O.P.